Hartford Meets With Potential Ballpark Developers

A team of community leaders assembled to help choose the developer of a new baseball stadium in Hartford met with the three candidates Thursday and is expected to make a recommendation to the city council early next month.

Hartford’s Development Services helped put together the analysis team, which includes current and former city officials who have had a hand in high-profile development projects in the past, according to the mayor’s office.

“We want this development to be the catalyst for economic growth and accelerate the creation of a new neighborhood: Downtown North,” said Mayor Pedro Segarra, in a statement Thursday. “We believed that this could be achieved without burdening taxpayers and that opportunity is before us.”

The team met today with representatives from the three finalists: CV Properties, the Thomas Hooker Brewing Company and Centerplan Development Company in conjunction with Leyland Alliance.

CV Properties has proposed a $217-million project that would include a 6,000-seat baseball stadium, the new home of the Thomas Hooker Brewery, residential and office space and a supermarket with covered parking.

The Hooker Brewing Company proposes a $16-million 40,000-square-foot stadium facility with a beer garden. The brewery has partnered with a nonprofit organization and plans to hire people with disabilities, according to the mayor’s office.

Finally, Centerplan Development Company and Leyland Alliance presented plans for a $350-million development including a 6,000-seat stadium, an elevated Little League park, the Hooker brewery and a supermarket.

“We had a good meeting,” said project development director Thomas Deller, in a statement Thursday. “All the developer gave solid presentations and expressed excitement about investing in Hartford.”

The Hartford City Council expected to receive a recommendation on the ballpark proposal the first week in September.

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