Have You Seen This Scarecrow?

A witch in a beach chair is missing in Madison. Have you seen her? 

Sandy, the scarecrow was kidnapped, or scarecrow-napped, from the Madison Green last week and missing posters have gone up all over town.

Someone really wanted Sandy, Sara Pepitone, of Beach Street Sandwiches, said. Six croquet posts were holding the life-size scarecrow to the ground. On Wednesday, there was no sign of Sandy. In her place were four posts. Sara found the two others in the parking lot.

“This was definitely an effort because it is not small,” Pepitone said.

Sara created Sandy as part of a town-wide scarecrow competition and fundraiser. Now, Sandy is out of the judging for prizes and Sara is out a beach chair.

“I do not have a beach chair for next year,” Pepitone said.

For Pepitone, this is no laughing matter. It took her three days to make Sandy and whoever took her also took a brand new life preserver.

The scarecrow was last seen on Tuesday or Wednesday and Beach Street Sandwiches truck customers have opposing theories.

Some think kids took Sandy. Others think her disappearance is more sinister – that a competing business swiped the lounging witch.

If you see Sandy, call Beach Street Sandwiches at 203-644-5853.

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