Senior Drivers, the Video Game

New program simulates elderly driving as awareness tool

A video game is giving people of all ages senior moments behind the wheel.

The Driver Seat Game, is a flash-based video game that makes you feel like you have physical and cognitive limitations that older drivers might experience while they’re behind the wheel of a car.

Liberty Mutual, as in the insurance company, and ITNAmerica are behind the video game experience unlike any you’re likely to get from your Wii, Xbox or PlayStation.

It’s part of a program that gives families resources to handle the issue of aging and its effect on driving, a real and difficult issue many families are bound to face at some point.

The companies will unveil the game Wednesday, to reporters, in East Hartford, but it is also available on the Web.

To see how your grandmother might feel behind the wheel, or to see what you could be facing decades down the line, check it out. 

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