Hey, Sex Shops – East Lyme's Wide Open

...not that anyone's actually planning to open one

No one's actually applied to open an adult-oriented business in East Lyme.  Not a strip club.  Not a sex shop.  Not an escort service nor a dirty movie theater. 

But East Lyme's zoning board is sending them the message: "We're wide open and ready for ya."  The board has approved new regulations for adult businesses.

In a state where the opening of a sex shop prompts television news coverage with neighbors shouting "Not in my backyard!", this is a preventative action, according commission members.

The possible locations are quite limited.  The rules are such that adult businesses must be more than 900 feet from a residential area, school, church, hospital, library, licensed-care facility, public park or any other adult business. 

So... yeah... that last part means you won't find a strip of strip clubs. 

Adult businesses, you're not really THAT welcome. 


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