Holiday Shopping Handbook: Finding the Black Friday Deals

Save time and money

We've done a little cyber scouring to help you avoid the crazy rush on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. 

Here's your Black Friday shopping website wish list that'll give you the deals before you head to the checkout.

  • is a site that rounds up Black Friday ads for about two dozen stores including Best Buy, Radio Shack, and Staples.
  • alerts you via email when a sale goes into effect for a whole host of places like Walmart, ToysRus, and Kmart.
  • also sends email alerts.  But on this site you set a price you'll pay for a particular item, once the price drops to what you're willing to pay you'll be notified.
  • Another place you may want to visit:  This site has some of the latest deals on electronics.
  • has all sales posted for over 75 stores across the country.

If these sites aren't enough, here's a link to 100 other shopping sites that'll help you save some money this holiday season.

Happy Shopping!

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