Huskies to Go With 3 QBs Against Iowa St.

This shouldn't come as much of a surprise, if for no other reason than a coach who makes decisions based on what fans and media think are best for the team won't be a coach very long. After what can kindly be described as an uneven performance against Vanderbilt last Saturday night by quarterback Johnny McEntee, the calls for someone else to get a chance under center came fast and furious.

And understandably so; McEntee wasn't very good. But these are the growing pains that accompany breaking in a new quarterback. And it's not like there's much experience behind him on the bench. Neither freshmen Scott McCummings or Michael Nebrich had taken a snap prior to the Week 1 Fordham game, either. Plus, McEntee isn't on the field for every down; head coach Paul Pasqualoni rotated this three QBs against Fordham, although McEntee did see the bulk of the action against Vandy.

Whatever, come Friday night against Iowa State, it' will be more of the same for UConn's offense. Which is to say that there will be a quarterback rotation, starting with McEntee.

"We're going to go into this with three quarterbacks ready to play," Pasqualoni said during a brief teleconference Wednesday, according to the Hartford Courant. "They've all played. Each has played in the first two games. We anticipate no change there. And then we'll make decisions based on how we're doing and what kind of production we're having and how the game is going."

Translation: the Huskies will continue to rely on their defense to keep things close, and hopefully the quarterbacks can make the occasional throw if for no other reason than to keep the running lanes open for Lyle McCombs, who has gone for over 100 yards in his first two games.

The Courant's Desmond Conner thinks that McEntee could be on a short leash, however. "Based on Pasqualoni's comments, the staff could make a change should McEntee struggle again," Conner wrote Wednesday. "McCummings and Nebrich, both of whom have played, bring more of a dual-threat approach than McEntee."

Two weeks into the season and fans might be happy so see a change. Just remember: be careful what you ask for. There's a reason McEntee's playing. He might be the best QB on the Huskies roster right now.

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