I Don't Wanna Grow Up

French Keds, the keys to Tiffany's, and a High School Musical star's "Hot Mess"

THE SNEAK-Y SAVANT: We might have outgrown our Converse, but there's a new canvas tennie on the block that will take you from girlish to gamine. La tennis Bensimon's simplistic sneakers already look unbelievably comfortable and well-worn right out of the box. The French imports roots in military and vintage served as inspiration for their 80's reemergence into Parisian fashion. Their low-tops are the lace-up's of choice for all of Hollywood's Francophile ladies and can comfortably - for your feet and wallet - find a home in your wardrobe for the rest of Summer into Fall. Timeless fashion doesn't always withstand the test of time, as many old sneakers may tell you, but Bensimon sneaks are machine-washable and pop out looking as good as new, ready for Spring. Find dark gray, off-white, and navy Bensimon sneakers ($55USD) at Madewell, in-stock, in Farmington (860-561-2368) and Greenwich (203-661-1591).

THE KEY TO MY HEART: Tiffany Silver might be the novelty jewelry of choice by the jaded generation running the halls of today's middle schools, but when those robin's egg blue boxes first popped up at Bat Mitzvahs and under Christmas trees 10 years ago, we were all a dazzled by the sterling silver trinkets they contained. The modern day Tiffany teen is not phased by the little blue box, but rather the "Please Return to Tiffany & Co." stamping on a key-chain or the infamous blue Tiffany logos on $50 silk hair ties that they can buy on a baby sitter's salary. For these reasons, unless wedding bells are ringing, the everyday fashionista has little need to peruse the costume jewelry section of Tiffany's, much to the disappointment of Holly Golightly's everywhere. Nevertheless, the new Tiffany Keys collection might be the bridge from brats to bridal; featuring 26 design options, including the 1.18 carat platinum Kaleidoscope key for $10k, or a simplistic antique-inspired sterling silver key with Tiffany embossing for $200. Thick chain-links, silk cord, and diamond-laced platinum are just some of the luxurious options to string your Tiffany key and can be found with their pendant counterparts at Tiffany & Co in Westport (203-221-7676) and Uncasville (860-885-2000).

THE HIGH SCHOOL HEART BREAKER: High School Musical might have been inescapable for most, but those who protested the insanely popular Disney franchise, with the exception of a few secret longing gazes at the shirtless Zac Efron spread in GQ, have labeled all future projects by the teen stars as just "kid stuff." However, the actress that played Sharpay, the pink-coated lover of theatrics and winning, Ashley Tisdale, is the third cast member to let go of the hand that feeds her and reach out to a more adult audience. Her second album, "Guilty Pleasure," (it's as if she read our minds) releases today (the 28th) with a sexy new image - channeling more Rodarte, less Betsey Johnson - and  and catchy bad gal lyrics to her first single - "Hot Mess" -  "You wake up in your bra and your makeup, car in the driveway, parked sideways." Granted the teen sensation is long since a teen - she's 24 - but her poppy beats will have you rocking out like you just got your fake ID all over again.

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