Inauguration: Your Thoughts

What are your thoughts on this historic occasion? Add your comments to those of your friends and neighbors.

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We're following local and student bloggers on their journeys.  We'll update this page with their comments throughout the day.

Taylor Lasley, Yale University (blog):
@ 11:14 a.m.: "General laughter from the audience when the announcer asked us to 'please be seated'.  This experience gives a new meaning to the term 'standing room only'."

Zeke Miller, Yale University (blog):
@ 8:22 a.m.:  "The gates appear to have opened but crowds have only gotten bigger.  People are booing at a group that cut the line.  There are no police here and it is chaos.  The lines have disolved into a massive group of people pushing and shoving each other."

Victoria Reitano, Quinnipiac University Junior:
"I cannot believe how lucky I am to be here in DC for these moments of history in the making."

And we want to hear from you.  Please add your comments to this page:  Are you excited?  Nervous?  What do you think are the greatest challenges for the Obama administration?  For the country?  And how are you taking in the inauguration?  This is a large community dialogue -- and we want to hear from everyone!

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