Indecisive Decor

We found a Fekkai color-at-home kit in Greenwich and a "Painter's Chair" which is probably just what you expected in New Haven.


PEEL AND STICK... When it comes to wall color we try to avoid anything that dabbles in the delight of "commitment-phobia," as we can't imagine our landlord being too pleased with our five alternating coats of flat white every two months.  However, we just love Blik and their oversized wall stickers are that anything but permanent. If you're looking for a little graphic love for your boring old walls, Blik has over 200 decals and growing, ready to shake things up without a new paint job.

BUT I MEANT TO DO THAT... Speaking of paint jobs, it may look like you attempted to go Jackson Pollock on your furniture but we still consider the Painter's Chair ($298) from Urban Outfitters as a mass-produced piece of art of our own. Your low brow chair consists metal modern shape made of supple red leather splattered and speckled with a rainbow of colors. Order online by December 14 for Christmas Eve delivery, or find in store in New Haven.

COLOR ME CHEAP... We all wish we could get a coveted time slot on Alexandre Chouery's calendar at the Greenwich Frédéric Fekkai Salon but we usually seem to lack the resources... mainly, the monetary kind.  But now you can get that Fekkai color you crave for $30 with the Salon Color box kit. We can't promise that the at-home system will be comparable to Alexandre's expertise, but with the in-box powers of Fekkai's shine and conditioning mask, we have faith that it'll kick drug store colors to the curb. Order online or visit our friend Alexandre in Greenwich (203-861-6700) and Tweet us your results!

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