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We tested out this summer's newest fashion apps for the iPhone so you don't have to

We don't like to play favorites, but the iPhone may be one of our favorite toys of all time. And what thrills us even more is that the fashion industry is infiltrating the spectrum of apps with great promise. However, not all these apps are worth you time and effort, so we decided to take this summer's newest fashion related apps for a test drive.

COST: Free
PROS: The Chanel app is actually more than just visually appealing, they have "push" activated news tidbits and factoids for the camellia aficionado, including a reoccurring feature called, "Coco Chanel's Apartment," which explores the secrets behind her personal collection of homebound trinkets. Plus the classic logo looks just fantastic on our iPhone dashboard.
CONS: Honestly, we don't need the "Chanel Store Locator" feature and suspect they put it in there to fill space. Also, we were hoping for a Sims-esque Karl Lagerfeld avatar that yells at us in German when we've digested carbs.

StyleMixer, by GAP
COST: Free
PROS: We love these closet organization apps that make us feel like Cher from Clueless, but we hate paying for them. Fortunately for us, the great philanthropists over at the GAP have offered us a free version -- all we have to do is pilfer through their infiltration of the full GAP Fall collection into our own personal wardrobe, as well as full-screen adverts upon opening.  Other than that, very easy to use and we like the design color scheme.
CONS: We actually don't own anything from the GAP and would prefer that they stop trying to use our GPS to tell us where the nearest location is. We already know. They're EVERYWHERE.

COST: Free
PROS: We sort of like Rachel Bilson mini-me, Selena Gomez, who is featured in this month's version of the app, and on their current glossy cover.
CONS: Okay, we realize this app is made for the under-17-year-old, Seventeen-reading readership, but regardless, this app really has no substance whatsoever. They use the "NearbyNow Network" to locate the 61 products they featured in this month's issue.  Unfortunately, nothing but items from Aeropostale and American Eagle Outfitters could be found in a 50 mile radius from Hartford. Go figure.

DK by Donna Karan New York
COST: Free
PROS: Donna Karan created content - a personal journal, travel blog, and it list of her own, called "Love Love Love." Plus, several built-in videos about style and the Donna Karan collection, starring -- take a guess -- Donna Karan, duh.
CONS: Does anyone really like Donna Karan this much?

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