It'll Be Our Little Secret

SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT: Still having nostalgia about those Teen Spirit deodorant sticks you left behind in the high school locker room? Who says growing up meaning your options are limited to boring baby powder or same ol' spring breeze? We've warmed up to Secret's new collections of Fresh Effects and Scent Expressions, deodorant sticks and sprays that don't lack in the imagination department. Fun scents (and sparkling bottles—okay, so that was the big sell for us), like Ooh La La Lavender, Cocoa Butter Kiss and Fresh Water Orchid, are paired with very grown-up benefits like 19 percent of powerful and invisible antiperspirant. It might not be clinical power we're talking about, but we'll take one for the team.

BUY IT: Find Secret's new collection of Scent Expressions and Fresh Effects at better drugstores, statewide, for under $5 each.

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