It's Late Night With Gunnar Nelson

If you can't live without the "Love and Affection" of Gunnar Eric Nelson, son of Ricky Nelson and one part of 80s hair band Nelson, then you are in luck.

Gunnar is coming to Mohegan Sun to host and executive produce "It's Late" a half-hour talk show that can only be summed up by the word awesome.

It has yet to actually be taped, so that might be a little bit premature. But one would imagine that someone like Nelson, who lived through the crazy days of hair metal and is the third generation in a family of recording artists, would put on a pretty good show.

In fact, here's a taste of the show's format, just to wet your palette:

  • Intro: opening song and karaoke (see singing already!)
  • Opening segment with Gunnar
  • Audience participation: More karaoke!
  • Shameless promotion Girls: girls who give out free schwag to the audience
  • Celebrity interview
  • Musical guest to close the show

Yeah, that sounds like a whole lot of awesome. The show is actually trying to bring back the feel of the old late night, mimicking shows like The Merv Griffin Show or the early Tonight Show. Gunnar's two candy co-hostesses will be reminiscent of the cigarette girls from the 30s with a modern twist.

The target audience is males and females, ages 18 to 49. It's also a cross promotion meant to introduce Mohegan Sun to audience members who might not otherwise have come to visit the resort casino.
The show will air on Plum TV, a lifestyle network that's mostly broadcast in popular vacation destinations including
Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, the Hamptons and Aspen, Colorado.
The production company, Sterling Worldwide, will also be posting clips of the show on its Youtube channel.
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