Jessica Simpson, Jessica Alba Go to Yale

Yes, that's Jessica Simpson sneaking into the Yale Bowl.

Jessica Simpson Jessical Alba
Associated Press/Getty Images for DCP

Two famous Jessicas were hanging out at Yale for the weekend.

Jessica Simpson and Jessica Alba were both on campus for a 10-year reunion, People Magazine reports

It's wasn't their reunion. Neither of them went to the famed Ivy League institution, but their men did.

Simpson is engaged to former NFL player Eric Johnson, Class of 2001 and a former Yale football player. Over the weekend, she tweeted this photo of herself as she appears to be breaking into the Yale Bowl.

“Anyone snuck onto the 50 yd line of the Yale Bowl recently?....I haven't.,” she tweeted.

Alba is married to Cash Warren, another 2001 Yale grad.

She tweeted out a photo of herself with two Yale security officers, who we’re pretty sure did not mind the distraction from their regular duties.

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