John Mayer Cares With Cash

The Grammy winner donated $15,000 to victims of HIV or AIDs

When John Mayer is not working on a new CD or iTunes download, twittering about his music or adventures or dating someone famous, he’s giving back to his hometown.

Fairfield’s beloved Grammy winner created the Back To You Fund of the Fairfield County Community Foundation back in 2003. He plays a show then puts some of the proceeds from each show into the fund, which then goes to various local charities. 

He recently gave $15,000 from the account to help people living with HIV/AIDS in lower Fairfield County. The money will help the Stamford CARES program, which offers counseling and education services to help children and adults with HIV/AIDS lead healthier, more productive lives. 

Like he said in his song, which shares the name of the fund, "It always comes around back to you."

 “With fewer state and federal dollars being allocated to HIV/AIDS education and support, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to provide our clients the services they desperately need,” said Bob Arnold, president of Family Centers. 

The Fairfield County Community Foundation allows the Back to You Fund to operate with minimal cost, so it does not have the burden of running a foundation.

In case you don’t know what Mayer has been up to, he helped bring the fake bank Spinal Tap “Back from the Dead.” He performs on the latest musical compilation from the fake band. It was released Tuesday.  

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