Just Call Us Geek-ecticut!

Yeah, we're dorky. And we're okay with that.


6 comic books (laminated)
25 computer games (special edition)
A dash of suspenders to taste
1 pair of taped glasses

Yields: 1 perfect geek!

But it looks like we need to add a special new ingredient to our otherwise flawless geek recipe this summer.

For all you Steve Urkel wannabes out there, you’ll have to plan a trip to these hot spots this summer to perfect your geekiness.

According to GeekDad, a popular blog on Wired.com, CT boasts four of our nation’s all-time geekiest places to take your children.

Alright, these places might not be up to par with Hollywood's hipness, but if this geek daddy thinks whales and penguins are uncool then I must be a lot nerdier than I thought.

Not all of us could go to space camp, so if you’re interested in bringing out your inner nerd this summer hit up one of CT’s very own geeky hot spots.

And if you’re one of the cool ones, stay away…

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