KanJam Arrives at Darien Sport


AND WHILE WE'RE THERE: While we like to think the only cardio being endorsed at Darien Sport Shop is Amex swiping, we'd be wrong to say that the folks there don't do their part to get their patrons up and moving, the old-fashioned way. This time, they're promoting KanJam, an Ultimate Frisbee/basketball/disc golf hybrid and the self-proclaimed number one party sport in America. The KanJam Game Set comes complete with two portable goals, a KanJam flying disc, and instructions, all officially certified via KanJam. Don't believe the hype? Well, according to Darien Sport, they're literally "flying off the shelves," so move over bocce, there's a new lawn game in town.  

BUY IT: Find the KanJam Game Set online or at Darien Sport Shop in Darien for $49.95.

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