Keep That Fragrance Rollin’

Trick lenses for your iPhone and a tribute to National Lampoon.

Acton Mass Crash 2

THE SCENT-SATIONAL STONE: Birthstones aren't just for babies. These monthly baubles might have a bad rep, but are being revived by super hip West Coast jeweler, Sage Machdo, and no, not in rock form. The roll-on body oils are customized to accentuate each monthly stone's natural properties and benefits. July's Garnet, for example, is nothing short of smoldering, with notes of juicy ripe watermelon and Morrocan red rose. Find these month-by-month beauties at Tracy B. in New Haven, for $45 each.

AN APPLE A DAY: It's not secret, Want This is totally (and shamelessly) addicted to their iPhone. But we're a bit bummed when our camera pictures start to look like, well, camera pictures. Luckily, Urban Outfitters must have heard our cry for help because they started pumping out (and selling out) Trick Camera Lenses, on a keychain. A keychained coiled string keeps your snap-on wide angle lens on hand for all those Kodak (rather, Apple) moments for only $8 - nifty!

TAKE THAT, CHEVY CHASE: Feeling lazy this holiday? (We are.) Or just sick of this unseasonably warm weather and want to bring on a white Christmas of your own? Well, we like Brookstone's idea of decorating with a flip of a switch, with their Holiday Decor Projector ($79.95.) In this case, snowflakes, will dance up to 35 feet away down the front of your house for the entire neighborhood to watch in envy (or horror.) Either way, the projector can be changed up depending on the season - hearts, balloons, ghosts, but no flickering menorahs just yet. Get on that Brookstone.

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