Even Kanye Can’t Keep Lady Gaga Away

Lady Gaga will be in Wallingford and at Mohegan Sun

Getty Images

The show must go on for Lady Gaga, twice in Connecticut.  

She and Kayne West were supposed to come to Connecticut in December during their "Fame Kills" tour. Then Kanye had his high-profile meltdown during the MTV Video Music Awards in October, when he hijacked Taylor Swift’s award winning moment. That's old news.
What it means for us is that the fallout prompted him to take time off to reassess his behavior, putting an end to the "Fame Kills" tour. But Lady Gaga didn't let Kanye's issues keep her down. 
With the Kayne West controversy behind her, Lady Gaga “ brings her "Monster Ball" tour to Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford on Jan. 17 and to Mohegan Sun the next day.
If you can want to see the singer, she’ll be appearing on “Gossip Girl” Nov. 16 and perform “Bad Romance.” After Monday night's show, it's anyone's guess who that could be directed to -- even golden boy Dan's plunging into the dark side.  
Lady Gaga’s new album, “The Fame,” will be available on Nov. 23.


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