Laundry TV: Watch Your Whites, Dial Your Darks

There's nothing worse than dragging your dirties downstairs in the dorm only to find every machine busy and you're left waiting.

That won't be the case for Quinnipiac University students when they return to campus.  They'll soon be able to monitor their spin cycles online. 

The school has installed LaundryView, an online monitoring system for campus laundry rooms. 

It’s not a camera in the laundry room. It looks more like a video game with a 3-D rendering of the laundry room showing the status of each laundry machine -- all from their computer. 

Scroll over a machine and see if it’s available or when it should become available.  See a demo here.

From their computers, students can check to see if or washers and dryers are available. They can also request notifications for when in-use machines become available and when their laundry is done. 

In case students don’t want to lug around a laptop and don't have an iPhone, they can get texts when their laundry is done.

Trinity College also has the service, according to Associated Content

Schools must really want students to be free to focus on their, um, studies.
Now, if only you could create an avatar to *do* your laundry for you -- that would be pretty cool.

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