Last Day to Collect at Tweeter

Did you buy something at the Tweeter’s going-out-of-business sale?

Tuesday is the last day to pick up and take home the merchandise at the bankrupt chains in Connecticut. Manchester is the last pick-up location - 110A Slater St., Manchester will be open Tuesday from 10 a.m. to noon.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • You must go to the store where you bought the item.
  • Present proof of purchase
  • Sign a statement that they have not reversed the charge on their credit or debit card.

The store at 195 W. Main Street, Avon was open Sunday and 2661 Berlin Turnpike, Newington was open Monday.

Only consumers who purchased items during Tweeter’s going-out-of-business sale will be able to collect merchandise.

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal’s office has intervened in bankruptcy court to fight for consumers who placed deposits or paid in full before the bankruptcy sale, but never received their items, as well as those who purchased extended warranties that the issuer is declining to honor.

“I’m pleased that my office fought and won this chance for consumers who bought items at Tweeter’s going-out-of-business sale to rightfully collect their purchases,” Blumenthal said. “I urge consumers to get to these stores so they can take home items rightfully and legally theirs. Delay will result in their goods going to Atlanta, delaying and complicating collection, while risking damage, destruction and loss.”

He said he would continue to fight for Tweeters customers who paid partially or in full before the liquidation sale, as well as anyone who purchased an extended warranty.

“Consumers should get what they bought, and I will vigorously and aggressively pursue their claims in court,” he said.

Blumenthal asks consumers to call his office at (860) 808-5400 whether or not they can get to the stores during the collection times so it has a list of eligible consumers.

An employee of the Attorney General’s Office will be present during collection hours at each store.

The bankruptcy trustee supervising liquidation of Tweeter’s assets had asked the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Delaware to allow removal of all merchandise to Atlanta, including paid-for items.

Blumenthal’s office successfully argued against the request, convincing the court to allow Connecticut consumers to pick up items paid for in full before the remaining inventory is shipped out of state.

Any merchandise left in the stores will be moved to Atlanta after the Manchester store closes on Tuesday.

Consumers qualified to pick up merchandise, but unable to be at the stores during the pickup times will still be able to obtain their items after they are shipped to Atlanta.

Consumers who cannot get to the stores should contact the Attorney General’s Office at (860) 808-5400.

Consumers who fully or partially paid for items before the bankruptcy sale, but never go them, to file claims with U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Delaware here.

Download a claim form, fill it out and mail it to:

U.S. Bankruptcy Court

824 North Market Street Wilmington, Delaware 19801

Enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope so the clerk can send back a stamped copy of their claim.

If consumers have questions about the claim form, they can call the bankruptcy court help desk at (302) 252-2887 or the Attorney General’s Office at (860) 808-5400.

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