Little People's Village

The Legend of the Demon People

Little People's Village, Middlebury 

If you make the trip out to see the old village, you will probably leave with more questions than answers. The area was once filled with small stone houses, complete with miniature staircases.  Standing a mere 3 or 4 feet tall, these houses were constructed by a man for little demon people, legend has.  

Locals will tell you a husband agreed to build the houses for his wife, who believed she was Queen of the Little People. There's even a throne of sorts built into the side of the hill.

Creepy Connecticut is one of several sites to cover the tale. One story has it that the wife believed the "demons" told her to kill her husband for daring to sit on the throne, then the demons killed her -- or made her do the deed herself.  Another story has it that the husband went crazy and killed her, then himself. There's now said to be a curse on the throne and those who sit on it are supposed to die within seven minutes -- or days, or years, or maybe it's 77 years. It depends on who you talk to.

Either way, we're not taking our chances. Our office chairs will suffice. Roadside America has written about the site if you want to know more.  

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