NYC Sighting: UFO or Balloons

An illuminated, mysterious flying object spotted in the skies over Chelsea, New York prompted dozens of calls reporting a UFO and recieved national attention.

Now, it seems that the unidentified flying object could be some fly away balloons. 

Smoking Gun Research Agency, a nonprofit organization in Orange, has gotten involved after New York City officials did not provide any answers about what the object might have been, and looking into whether these could have been balloons from a party in Mount Vernon.

 Milestone School in New York was holding an engagement party on Wednesday and wind swept a bunch away around 1 p.m., <a target="_blank" href="
">the New York Daily News reports. 

From reports from the National Weather Service on wind patters, it seems like this could be a possibility. 

"We’ve heard from the National Weather Service in NY, who are looking in to confirming the weather patterns for Wednesday afternoon and suggest that if the winds were blowing correctly it’s possible it could account for the objects seen in the city,"  Jon Nowinski, of the SGRA said. 

Some speculated it was a balloon. Others were certain they saw a space craft from that was out of this world.  It "stopped everyone in a two block radius," one witness said.

SGRA, which researches “fringe” topics, including UFOs, ghosts, psychic abilities, strange creatures, and other subjects, contacted the FAA in New York and the North American Aerospace Defense Command. The organizations said they weren’t sure what the objects were, but said they had received reports and have seen the tape and did not deny that there were objects in the sky at the time, according to SGRA.

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