Loft's New Wares Safe for Work?

Today in surprising turns of chic, looks like Ann Taylor's "lofty" efforts to step outside the bland, career casual mold is finally paying off--in store at least.

For a few seasons the mass market retailer has been courting bloggers and talking "new look" for it's LOFT brand, but for the most part options have stayed the boot cut black pants and slouchy cardi course.

Arrivals for spring 2011 however, looked versatile, practical, yet not at all boring in store. Stock standouts: A pair of light brown peep-toed booties, bright citrus blouses, and even a pair of Friday night friendly cuffed denim shorts, which we bill, not safe for work.

More surprising: Up close and personal pieces look a lot more fun and flattering than they do on the LOFT website: Items like the printed drape neck tee (which we loved in store) looks almost blah on the site. So don't immediately write everything off simply because the retailer's choice of boot cut khaki trousers isn't your bag--there's always those shorts.

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