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Tucker Blair

TUCK EVERLASTING: Taylor Llewellyn wasn't ready to accept a typical 9 to 5 as his life sentence, so when he graduated from Colgate in 2007, he decided to pursue a career he loved. Fast-foward to present day, and welcome to the picture: Tucker Blair, a needlepoint accessories and lifestyle brand created for the well-groomed consumer. Llewellyn combined his favorite vacation destinations with his love for fine craftsmanship and tailoring to create a line of 100 percent  handmade needlepoint belts featuring every well-bred icon from an Ivy League mascot parade to champagne flutes and bowties. Not to mention the addition of signature polos, croakies, flip-flops and dog collars since the brand's beginning, all, of course, featuring the brand's signature preppy flair and classic style.

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