Man Stabs Himself After Kidnap Attempt, Police Say

After trying to kidnap his estranged wife in West Hartford, a man led police on a chase, rolled down an embankment and seems to have stabbed himself, police said. He is now in the hospital.

Benjamin Jurado, 39, of East Hartford, tried to kidnap his estranged wife from her workplace on Hurlbut Street, police said. She escaped by jumping out of the car and running inside, police said. Jurado took off.

A witness called police and said a man forced a woman into a car at gunpoint, police said. At the time, they did not know she escaped.   

Jurado led police into a chase on Interstate 84 through Hartford and into East Hartford, where he sideswiped several cars but continued on until rolling over a guardrail when trying to get off the highway at Governor Street, police said.

Jurado went down an embankment, stabbed himself and tried to run away, police said. The  man had a handgun and some knives, police said, and it appears he stabbed himself during this ordeal.

Jurado did not get very far. Police caught him and took him to a hospital. His condition is not known. Police said several charges are expected.

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