Towns Order Mandatory Evacuations

Mandatory evacuations have been ordered.

One tenth of the state's population has been asked to evacuate their homes because of the threat posed by Hurricane Sandy.

Gov. Dannel Malloy said on the Today Show on Monday morning that 360,000 people have been urged to leave their homes.

Several towns have ordered mandatory evacuations for flood-prone areas ahead of Hurricane Sandy, which is expected to bring a massive storm surge.

In Bridgeport, 13,000 people are affected, but  that number could increase to 50,000 as time goes by.

In addition to the evacuations, Fairfield police have closed South Benson marina beach because of rising water.

Police said they will begin to close off the area around Cosey Beach around 10 a.m.

Here is the list of evacuations.

West Haven

West Haven has ordered a mandatory evacuation for several low-lying areas.

The following areas are in the evacuation zone, according to police.

  • Everything along Ocean Avenue and Captain Thomas Boulevard on the beach side
  • Everything south of Park Street
  • Everything south of White Street from Peck to First Avenue.  


Mayor Ben Blake issued an evacuation order for residents in coastal areas of Milford.  Vehicles must be moved to higher ground.


Fairfield First Selectman Michael Tetreau issued a mandatory evacuation for all streets south of the Old Post Road, Old Field Road, and Westway Road are in the mandatory evacuation area. Residents should plan to be gone from their homes for several days.

"We need to complete evacuations before nightfall when wind and rain begin to strengthen," Tetra said.

He urged residents in the beach area to begin a voluntary evacuation early on Sunday and people should expect to stay away from the area for several days, he said.

Officers are watching homes to prohibit looting.

Fairfield will open an emergency shelter at Ladle High School at 785 Unquote Road beginning at noon on Sunday. People will be allowed to bring their pets to the shelter. You can view the flood zone map here.


Bridgeport has ordered families out of low-lying areas also starting at noon on Sunday. State emergency officials said people are leery about leaving their homes because they are not seeing storm impact, but now is the time to go.  

  • If you live in the East Side or East End please go to: Jettie Tisdale School, 275 Hollister Avenue.
  • If you live in the South End, please go to: Geraldine Johnson School, 475 Lexington Avenue.
  • If you live in the West Side, West End or Black Rock please go to: Cesar Batalla School, 606 Howard Avenue.

The following streets encompass the mandatory evacuation area:

  • Southern Broad Street- East to the Harbor
  • Seaside Village
  • Marina Village
  • Bostwick Avenue at Osbourne to the south including, Morris and Anthony Streets
  • Lower areas of Ferris Street, Arthur Street, Yacht Street, Brewster Street
  • Black Rock Yacht Club Area, southeast of Grovers Avenue
  • West of Dewey Street – between Edgewood and Salt Street
  • South Avenue
  • Atlantic Street near Broad & Main
  • Whitney Street
  • South of Wordin Avenue – Washburn Street, and Howard Avenue south of Wordin Avenue
  • Cottage Place
  • Henry Street
  • Ridge Avenue
  • Gregory Street- South Lower end of Iranistan Avenue to Columbia Street
  • Walnut Street
  • Atlantic Street Near Iranistan Avenue
  • Anchorage Avenue
  • Pine Street
  • Newfield Avenue – Streets to the southeast of Newfield including Jefferson, Trowel, Adams, and DeForest DeKalb and Seaview Avenues

East Haven

East Haven has enacted a 7 p.m. curfew for the evacuation zone, which includes residents who live within two blocks of the shore.

"In order to ensure the safety of residents and their belongings, the town has coordinated to establish a strong police presence in evacuation areas," Mayor Joseph Maturo Jr. said.

Maturo said dozens of homes could get wiped out in a matter of minutes and he does not  want anyone thinking twice about staying.

For anyone who needs a place to take shelter, East Haven's emergency shelter is located at East Haven High School on Wheelbarrow Lane. Pets are welcome and there will be food available.


Groton has issued mandatory evacuations for the low-lying areas of town as of 7 p.M. on Sunday.

The Town of Groton is opening an emergency shelter at Fitch Senior High at 4 p.m., for people who do not have an alternative place to go.
If you are going to the shelter, visit the Town of Groton Website for a list of items to take with you.  

Here is a list of the affected areas:

  • Mumford Cove,
  • Esker Point,
  • Marsh Road, Noank
  • Noble Ave, Noank
  • Morgan Point,
  • Riverview Ave, Noank
  • Front St., Noank
  • Latham Lane, Noank
  • Bayside Ave, Noank
  • Elm St., South of Fishtown Rd.,
  • Tryon Ave., Noank
  • Center St., Noank
  • Cedar Drive, Mystic
  • Willow Point, West Mystic,
  • Fort Rachel Place, Mystic,
  • Gravel St., Mystic,
  • Pearl St., Mystic, 
  • Grove St., Mystic,
  • Eldridge Ave, Mystic,
  • River Rd., Mystic,
  • Rte 27, Old Mystic,
  • No. Stonington Rd., Old Mystic,
  • The entire East side of Midway Oval
  • Ring Drive, East of Meryl Court, Groton,
  • South Road, Groton,
  • Tower Ave, Groton,
  • Thomas Road, Groton
  • High Rock Road, Groton,
  • Cranston Drive, Groton,
  • Hyrock Terrace, Groton,
  • High Rock Mobile Home Park.


The town issued a mandatory evacuation as of 2 p.m. for all residents south of the railroad tracks and areas that are prone to coastal flooding. The community center is open as a shelter. People should bring toiletries and linens. Pets are welcome if they are in crates.

New Haven

Evacuation orders are in place until noon high tide on Tuesday for all areas of Morris Cove south of Girard Street,  Front Street and Haven Street in Fair Haven and  the area between South Water Street and the highway in City Point. There is a recommended evacuation for low-lying areas of Blake Street.

New London

New London Mayor Daryl Finizio is ordering mandatory evacuation of the voluntary evacuation streets.

The streets include: Admiral Dr., Chapel Dr., Elliot Ave., Elm St. (Betweet Lincoln and Garfield), Glenwood Ave. to intersection of Lower Blvd., Guthrie Pl., Hamilton St., Ledyard St., Lincoln Ave., Lower Ocean Ave. (from Jerome to Ocean Beach), Lower Montauk Ave. (from Lower Blvd. to end of Montauk), Lower Blvd., Mott Ave., Mott Ct., Neptune Ave., Neptune Ct., Parkway South, Pequot Ave. (Water side), Quinnepeag Ave., Requinn St., Rocbourne Ln., Rodgers St., Stuart Ave.

New London schools and City buildings will be closed on Monday and Tuesday and non-essential city employees are being ordered to stay home.   

"My grandfather lived throught the Hurricane of 38. We lost a lot of people in that hurricane and it was because of the surge, it was not because of the winds. It was because of the storm surge, so while rainfall may be lower, landfall of the main storm will be in New Jersey, the storm surges, up to category 4 strength potential will be hitting the Connecticut coastline," Mayor Daryl Justin Finizio said.

Old Lyme:

The Town of Old Lyme is the latest to issue a mandatory evacuation for the areas south of Route 156 and flood zones based on the latest prediction of catastrophic flooding. Town officials are asking residents to evacuate to a safe location by end of day Sunday. 

  • Pilgrims Landing
  • Ferry Road from the DEP dock to Rt. 156
  • Ferry Road from Rt. 156 to Lieutenant River Lane
  • Caulkins Road
  • Devitt Road
  • Katherine Drive
  • Joel Drive
  • Noyes Road
  • Bailey Road
  • Meadow Lane
  • Olivia Lane
  • Pine Road
  • Hefflon Farm Road
  • Strawberry Lane
  • Foggy Meadow Road
  • Homestead Circle
  • Sill Lane from Griswold Ave. to Mill Lane
  • McCurdy Road from Lyme St. to Rt. 156
  • Mile Creek Road from Rt. 156 to Buttonball Road
  • Riverdale Landing
  • River Road

Residents who need assistance with evacuation should call the Old Lyme EOC Call Center at 860-598-0120.

Secure your valuables, turn off your main electrical breaker, close and secure any propane tanks and bring any valuable documents with you.

A regional emergency shelter will open at East Lyme Middle School, 31 Society Road, in Niantic.

This shelter will serve East Lyme, New London, Waterford, Old Lyme, Lyme and Montville.

Old Saybrook

The Old Saybrook Office of Emergency Management has issued a Mandatory Evacuation Order for three areas of town.

  • Area 1 – all homes and businesses south of I-95
  • Area 2 – homes and businesses in other low lying areas and
  • Area 3 – those homes and businesses near the Connecticut River.

Buses will begin driving through evacuated areas at 4 PM. There is plenty of parking at the high school.  Those not in the mandatory evacuation zone may also choose to evacuate. The evacuation center is located at the  Old Saybrook Senior High School, 1111 Boston Post Road and will  open at 3 p.m. on Monday.


The City of Stamford has declared a state of emergency and Mayor Michael Pavia has ordered a Mandatory Evacuation effective immediately for residents who live in SLOSH Areas I and II.

Residents who reside in SLOSH Areas III and IV are urged to prepare for a mandated evacuation, which may become necessary later today. 

Residents who live on the following streets (SLOSH List for Category I and II) should evacuate their homes and move to higher ground.  Those streets are as follows:

  • Auldwood Dr; 32 and higher
  • Burwood Ave; 92 and higher
  • Cambridge Rd; 4, 12
  • Carter Dr; 27 and higher
  • Clinton Ave (odd only)
  • Cook Rd
  • Cummings Point Rd; 120 and higher
  • Davenport Dr
  • Davenport St
  • Division St; 1 - 28
  • Dolphin Cove Quay
  • Downs Ave; 93 and higher
  • East Ave; 24 and higher
  • East Main St; 1281 and higher
  • Eureka Ter
  • Flying Cloud Rd
  • Gatehouse Rd
  • Greenwich Ave; 108 - 186 (even only); 204 - 255 (both sides)
  • Gypsy Moth Landing
  • Half Moon Way
  • Hickory Dr
  • Hobson St; 95, 120
  • Holly Cove Cir
  • Joshua Slocum Dock
  • Kenilworth Dr E; 56 and higher
  • Kenilworth Dr W; 61 and higher
  • Lanark Rd; 33 and higher
  • Lighthouse Way; 31 and higher
  • Limerick St; 51 and higher
  • Main St; 1 - 29 (odd only)
  • Mathews St; 94 and higher
  • Milton St; 1- 18
  • Mitchell St; 46 and higher
  • Ocean Dr N; 2 - 50
  • Ocean Dr W; 367 - 389 (odd only)
  • Pulaski St; 44 and higher
  • Ralph St
  • Ralsey Rd South
  • Ralsey Rd; 82 and higher
  • Rockledge Dr; 102 and higher
  • Rogers Rd; 35 and higher
  • Saddle Rock Rd; 34 and higher
  • Sagamore Rd; 89 and higher
  • Sea Beach Dr; 39 and higher
  • Seaview Ave; 10, 43 and higher
  • Selleck St; 1 - 11
  • Shore Rd; 5
  • Signal Rd
  • Silver St
  • Soundview Ave; 200, 211
  • Soundview Dr; 45 and higher
  • Southfield Ave; 2 - 196 (even only)
  • Southfield Ave; 211 and higher
  • Thread Needle Rd
  • Top Galland Rd; 1 - 56
  • Tupper Dr
  • Van Buskirk Ave; 13 - 107 (odd only)
  • Wallacks Dr; 62 and higher
  • Wardwell St; 240
  • Water St
  • Waterbury Ave; 154 and higher (even only)
  • Weed Ave
  • Weed Cir
  • West Main St; 9 - 43
  • Whittaker St
  • Willowbrook Ave; 205 and higher

Residents should immediately make arrangements with family, friends or other accommodations outside of the hazardous area.  If none of those options are available to you, the City has opened the following shelters effective at 1 p.m. today:

  • Stamford High School, 55 Strawberry Hill Ave., Stamford 
  • Rippowam High School, 381 High Ridge Road, Stamford
  • Scofield Middle School, 641 Scofieldtown Road, Stamford

Bring any necessary medications, toiletries and bed linens you will need with you. Shelters are pet-friendly, however all animals must have their vaccinations up to date (tags or paperwork) and must be crated. Please bring food and medicine for your pets.


Westbrook issued an emergency recommended evacuations for all houses for all residents in flood-prone areas south of Route 1, along Route 1, Jensen’s, Green Acres and other area that you feel you are not safe. Residents are recommended to stay off the roads and only travel if necessary.

Seek shelter north of Interstate 95 with family or friend or at a hotel. A second option is to seek shelter at the town evacuation center, at the Daisy Ingraham School, 105 Goodspeed Drive, opening at 6 p.m.  Eat before you come and bring snacks. A cat or dog is permitted at the shelter in an appropriate pet crate with food.

University of Bridgeport

The school issued a mandatory evacuation of the campus on Sunday at 4 pm..  All residents of North/South Hall will meet at 4 p.m. at the corner of Broad and University avenues to travel by bus to shelter at Cesar Batalla Elementary School in Bridgeport.  Residents of all other halls, as well as students who live off-campus in the immediate vicinity, will meet at 4 p.m. in front of Marina Dining Hall to travel to shelter at Sacred Heart University.

Westport has recommended evacuations. There will be no public or vehicle access to the waterfront neighborhoods at Old Mill, Compo Beach, and the Saugatuck Shores beginning at 8 a.m. on Monday.

“If your local officials have told you to evacuate, I urge you to heed their warnings,” Gov. Dannel Malloy said on Sunday. “People living in low-lying areas in shoreline towns are taking their lives into their hands if they try to stick the storm out in their homes. Folks, do not do that.”  

Malloy said the amount of flooding could be unprecedented.

Stonington officials recommended that everyone who lives by the water have an escape plan by Monday.

In addition, school districts in East Haven, Middle town, and Old Say brook have canceled classes for Monday and Tuesday.  Westbrook has canceled classes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

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