Mind Games: Drinks That Make You Think

Toni Guinyard, KNBC-TV

TAKE THAT SMART WATER: Now we've heard everything. How about a new weight loss drink that contains special Japanese fibers that trick your stomach into feeling full? While we suppress thoughts of Pandora's box exploding in our stomachs, we have to admit: they're pretty tasty. So are the rest of the Neuro Drinks are new to the East Coast after building solid A-list celebrity clientele in California. Each rocket-shaped bottle boasts the promotion of everything from weight loss to sex drive, along with overall well-being.  We played it safe and tried out two flavors, Bliss and Sleep: a lightly carbonated lychee that left us feeling slightly giddy and a creamsicle-esque drink laced with natural sleep aid melatonin, respectively.

BUY IT: Find Neuro Drinks using their handy online locator or order by the case on their website NeuroDrinks.com.

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