Payloader ATM Theft Plan Doesn't Pay Off

It seemed like a brilliant plan at the time: Steal a payloader and an ATM. Easier said than done.

It’s a far cry from your typical bank robbery. These culprits went big. Coventry Police say they targeted a free standing ATM and used a stolen payloader to rip it from the ground.

“It’s obvious in watching the video and still photos that they had planned this,” said Coventry police chief Mark Palmer.

Surveillance photos show the two men in action. Everything went according to plan until it came time to load the ATM onto the small dump truck they brought with them, police said.

“They had some difficulty loading it into the vehicle and we’re glad that happened, obviously. They were in and out in five minutes,” Palmer said.

The stolen payloader came from a Walgreen’s construction site right across the street. Police found it at the scene along with a badly smashed ATM.

 Investigators say the suspects got away in an early 2000s Ford F-Series truck.

“We’re still looking for that vehicle. Hopefully a member of the public will recognize it and give us a call as to its whereabouts,” Palmer said.

Those who work near the Rockville Bank in the Meadowbrook Shopping Plaza said the ATM was an easy target because the culprits struck around 11 p.m. Sunday.

“This plaza closes down most nights at 8 p.m. actually every night,” said Daniel Roy of Andover.

Police say a similar crime recently happened in another Connecticut town. They are now investigating whether the two are related. 

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