Mother's Little Helper

A studded twist on the Stam and stationary from Palm Beach with Love.

WILD CHILD: Unless you're one of the Richards sisters, we highly suggest you refrain from wearing anything pertaining to spandex and animal print at the same time. But for Diane von Furstenberg's playful Leopard Print Leggings, spotted at Saks in Stamford, we'll make an exception. Nothing looks better paired with chic little black patent skimmers or maybe under those atrocious What Comes Around Goes Around denim cut-offs you had to have this summer? Either way, for $115 and DVF, you can't go wrong.

SNAIL MAIL: Letter writing seem too vintage for you? Perhaps it would help if we had sassy new stationary to write it on? No? Well, what if it was Lilly Pulitzer stationary? Do we have your hair bow in a knot just yet? Nevertheless, Ms. P just so happens to have a full line of uber preppy stationary and paper goods collection that tickles us pink -- and green! Featuring all things Lilly, from citrus-themed tea time invites to palm and seeksucker patchwork notepads, the Palm Beach inspired collection is made to outshine your friends' "eco-conscious" e-vites. Find a huge selection at Vintage Garden (203-292-3450) in Fairfield.

STAM-INA: Marc Jacobs' Stam handbag has been on our wishlist since we spotted it in royal blue teetering in the crook of Lindsay Lohan's teeny tiny leather-clad arm in 2005. Since then, Lindsay's weight has fluctuated and so has our lust for the Stam as Marc has revamped his classic bag, ranging from crackled patents to mini and jumbo versions to a neon collection, none of which really caught our eyes. However his Fall '09 Collection features the "Stardust" edition of the Stam, complete in our beloved cerulean blue, the quilting dotted with gold studs. And just so you know, you can pre-order the Stardust Stam at Nordstroms in Farmington for $1,450USD and have it delivered to NBC, care of WANT THIS (we're just up the street, you can't miss us.)

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