Muscle Men at Mohegan Sun

Think you could pull a car with a rope, by yourself?  How about a bus?  How about two buses?

That's what America's Strongest Man Derek Poundstone, of Waterbury, will attempt to do at Mohegan Sun Friday afternoon.

Poundstone -- an appropriate last name if ever we've seen one -- is performing this feat of brute strength as a preview to this weekend's World's Strongest Man qualifying event at the casino.

The Mohegan Sun event on Sunday is the first stop on a worldwide tour to find the World's Strongest Man.

Poundstone, 27, is a Naugatuck police officer, and holds the current title of America's Strongest Man.  He will compete against 11 others in events including Truck Pull, Log Lift, Refrigerator Carry, The Pillars of Hercules, Car Deadlift, and Atlas Stones.  A top-three finish gets competitors into the World's Strongest Man Finals, according to the event's website.

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