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NAIL IT: We know how hard it is to squeeze in the time to get a great manicure when time is tight. Not to mention the pressure has us nibbling at our already ragged and wind-damaged cuticles every chance we get. So we decided to chat with our favorite emory board queen, Michele Pierno from Kiss (the nail care line, not the band), to get some of her best at-home ideas and remedys for those of us that are manicure-impaired, including her picks for the best nail products that don't require a trip to the salon!

Can you please give some tips for using a few nail care products at home AND in the professional arena? How can you get that salon manicure fresh look at home?

I always recommend that clients bring their own tools to the salon.  Without questioning the salon’s cleanliness, as a technician, it gives us both peace of mind. (Pierno recommends her very own, Kiss' Professional Manicure & Pedicure Kits!) Whether you do it yourself or at home, each tool [should be] the same professional quality used in salons.  If you have limited space in your pretty purse for a full kit, at the very least, have your own Kiss Professional Cuticle Nipper handy… either to bring with you to the salon or to trim off excess cuticle to prevent the temptation of tearing or biting off which will make your cuticles look worse.  

What are some at-home remedies you like to whip up that imitate salon products?

As a special treat for ragged cuticles, try warming one half cup of olive oil in the microwave for several seconds (to a comfortable temperature – not too hot), then place fingertips in to soak for 2-3 minutes.

In addition, for rough, dry skin, I always use the same recipe of regular cane sugar mixed with liquid soap and rub onto dry hands (or feet) for one minute, then rinse off with warm water.  Skin will be super soft and silky smooth.

I always recommend using a moisturizing lotion after every hand-washing to nourish skin.  With this season’s flu scare and an abundance of anti-bacterial gels being used, many of the ingredients in those formulas are very drying (more so than soap!)… slather on the hand lotion too!

BUY IT: Find Michelle's recommended Kiss products, like the Professional Manicure & Pedicure Kits for at home makeovers at a CVS or Walgreens near you or use their online locator!

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