Ooh That Smell — Dial an Odor

If you smell the rank odor from a Naugatuck wastewater plant, report it

Something is rotten in Naugatuck.

The company that runs the Naugatuck Wastewater Treatment Facility has been getting calls from residents who are fed up with the putrid stench that they believe is coming from the plant.

Peg Sheehy, a resident from Meadowbrook Place, told the Waterbury Republican-American that she has been dealing with the unpleasant odor since she purchased her home off Cross Street nearly five years ago.

"Who is going to want to invest money in the community, or purchase condos along the Naugatuck River, when they smell that plant driving down Route 8?" Sheehy asked the paper.

Veolia Water North America, which provides operations and maintenance services for the plant, has already implemented several changes over the years that they say have made a dramatic improvement in sustaining odors.

Now, they are counting on concerned citizens to help stop the stink and they've set up a 24-hour hot line to receive complaints about the ominous odor.

“It’s important for us to understand the exact time and location of a potential complaint so that we can compare it to plant activities during that time,” plant manager John Batorski said.

In the meantime, Veolia Water is continuing to work closely with the Borough of Naugatuck and the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection, as well as an independent odor-control expert to conduct an additional evaluation of the facility.

You can help Naugatuck get a breath of fresh air by calling (888) 682-1433 or 723-1433. 

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