New Britain Is Not a Dump and Police Are Watching

New Britain is not a dump but parts of it certainly look like it is, and if you’re responsible, eyes are watching.

Complaints have been coming in about illegal dumping in several areas throughout the city. To stop the madness, New Britain police mounted several surveillance cameras at problem areas. They are watching and hope to nab the perps.

The problem is more than a little bit of litter, we’re talking serious trash.

On Dec. 4, 2008, New Britain police found a whole lot of trash on the side of the road. They saw furniture, a car stereo speaker box and a dashboard to the interior of a car. 

Police used the cameras to solve the crime. On the footage, they saw two men unloading the stuff from a blue van on Dec. 3. Police retrieved the van’s license plate number and found the owner of the vehicle. At the house, they found Samuel Seijo, 26. He was one of the men on the video, police said.

The other man was identified as Nick Ciesnik, 18, police said. Police arrested the men and charged them with illegal dumping and seized the van. 

Police are hoping the cameras will put an end to more dumping and graffiti problems and are posting additional cameras across the city of New Britain

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