New Trends in Wedding Jewelry

Grooms looking for an engagement ring have a lot of choices to make.

Getty Images/Uppercut RF

Choosing an engagement ring or wedding bands can be a daunting decision.

Engagement ring bands are almost exclusively white metals, either white gold or platinum. As for the diamonds, the most popular are round and princess cuts are popular, while the fancier shapes, such as emerald, cushion, asscher, and marquee cuts are far less trendy in 2012, according to Sean Duggan, the assistant manager at Hannoush Jewelers in Farmington.

Antique settings are in, and so are having small round stones around the center diamond or around the band, according to Duggan. The look is called micro-pavė, and can have anywhere between 50 and 140 small diamonds built into the setting.

Couple are no longer necessarily matching their wedding bands either, Duggan said. Brides are matching their wedding bands to their engagement rings instead. Grooms are buying outside the box, choosing alternative metals like cobalt, titanium, and tungsten carbide.

Jewelry stores are also seeing grooms bring their future father-in-law, future mother-in-law, or the bride-to-be’s sister along for the engagement ring shopping, according to Duggan.

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