Onyx Grammy Cocktails

A local Moonshine is heady to the Grammy's. Pick up a bottle and stir up one of these cocktails.

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Onyx Moonshine
This cocktail will be the hot thing at the Grammy's and it's made right here.
SoCal Sunshine: 1 part Onyx Moonshine, 1 part Amaretto, 1 part Cranberry and a heavy splash of sours mix. Served chilled and strained into a martini glass w/cherry garnish
Lucky Ginger: 1 part Onyx Moonshine, 2 parts ginger ale and a heavy splash of Chambord. Served on the rocks in a high ball glass w/lemon twist garnish.
"Dr. Onyx": Equal parts of Onyx Moonshine and Dr. Pepper. Serve on the rocks in a low ball glass.
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