A Pearlesque Show for Your Bare Bones

HSN/Purple Lab

STRIP IT: Our pal, Purple Lab Creatrix and now favorite HSN segment host, Karen Robinovitz, hit our TV screens yesterday night at a mind boggling 2AM (she attributes her wide eyed and perfectly blown out coif to Red Bull, get em' girl) to debut her latest product, Pearlesque Show. If primer ever felt like an unnecessary step to you before, Robinovitz, as she does with all of her products, makes this sheer palette smoother just a little more special than the norm. Of course, she laced the product with powder from real crushed pearls so you get a soft luminescent glow without an ounce of silicone. And of course, she gave the product a skin silkening touch using oh-so-yummy treats like honey and kiwi. Of course it comes in chic, simple, stylish packaging that comes as a completely affordable price. And did we mention four new shades of Huge Lips Skinny Hips also hit the market last night, including our personal favorite, Goji Berry Smoothie? (Of course.)

BUY IT: Catch Karen at a more reasonable time today at 10AM and 3PM to order Pearlesque Show and no, she never sleeps.

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