Pellet Customers Burned Over Bankruptcy

On one of the coldest nights of the year, Bonnie Wood sat by her wood-pellet burning stove to keep warm.  But the pellets in the stove didn't come from New England Pellet, LLC, even though she bought three tons last summer.

She had to buy more from another company, because New England Pellet only delivered one ton and not the rest of her order.

"It's not right," Wood said.  "I'm thinking of the elderly people out there.  I've gotten numerous phone calls."

Those phone calls came from other angry customers who ordered and paid for pellets they never received.

Now Enfield-based New England Pellet, LLC has filed for bankruptcy, further frustrating Wood.

"This is not a case for bankruptcy," Wood said.  "Criminal charges should be brought against them.  They knowingly sold pellets to people and did not deliver."

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal filed a lawsuit in state court last month against the company and its owners, Stephen Zaczynski and Jason Tynan.

Bonnie Woods says she's glad the Attorney General isn't giving up the fight against the company.  She says other customers left in the cold aren't either.

"They can file for bankruptcy," Wood said.  "I've had people call and want to picket in front of their homes.  I've driven by their homes. Many people have.  They're nice houses.  They're living well."

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