Singles Still Opting for Quickie Dates

“My boss made me do it” isn’t something you would typically hear from someone as a reason for going on eight dates simultaneously. But at the Black Bear Saloon in Milford, Elizabeth from East Haven claims that was the influence she needed.  And her boss Connie, from Killingworth, was there to vouch for her.

Host Julianne Burdo has been hosting these 8-minute-dating events for five years in Connecticut. The name of the event says it all:  For $35, you get eight dates that last eight minutes apiece. 

But there’s a catch, she explains.  “There is a clause -- no picking and choosing.” It’s only fair because if you and seven others like the tall blond, there would be no room to meet the rest of the candidates. So in order for everyone to play fair, 8-minute-dating has assigned seating.

“In this day and age everyone has such a busy schedule, so it’s hard to meet people,” explains Julianne. And fellow eight-minute speed dater Judy from Manchester agrees. She’s no rookie to speed dating after having done it a few times, but she also feels it gives her a chance to brush up on her dating skills.

Here’s how the process works, you get a card with a number on it, you chat with your date for eight minutes and then a buzzer indicates when your eight minutes is up. You then fill out the card determining whether you would go on a second date with the person or if they are only good for a friendship or business relationship. Then you rotate to the next date. It’s just like playing musical chairs only none of the chairs get taken away.

Once the entire dating process is complete the host takes your card. If you are interested in anyone you contact the dating service and they will contact that person. Sounds easy enough.

Speed dating isn’t just for people on the go, it’s for all types people including divorced Mike from Cromwell.  He became interested after his kids kept insisting he find someone to date.

When asked if it was harder to find a date due to the recession Elizabeth said, “Not at all. I’m looking for someone to help me pay my bills.” Now that’s a reason to go speed dating.

For more, you can check out their website by clicking here.

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