Plantable Paper

Botanical PaperWorks

PLANT IT: We do love a good old fashioned letter here at Want This. In the age of texts, Skype, and GChat, we feel a bit charmed when a paper product covered in hand-written type crosses our path. That's why we'll be sending all of our friends abroad Botanical PaperWork's Plantable Greeting Card Sets this holiday season - just a little hint hint, nudge nudge, on our behalf.

Not only are the cards perfectly all-purpose -- they can come blank or in a variety of occasions, they can be planted (yes, in dirt) to eventually decompose and they can grow up into (yes, real) plants. We particularly like the Yummy Cards, which featuring vivid watercolor prints and worldly recipes, which, when planted, blossom into the corresponding herb.

GET IT: We found a full set of All Occasion Botanical PaperWork cards on sale for only $14 at Organik in Mystic (15 Holmes St, 860-536-6767.) While you're there, to make your pen pals even more irresistible, pick up a pack of Holiday Smencils (for only $5!) - they're made from recycled newspaper and come in tempting scents such as Sugar Cookie and Cinnamon.

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