Police Clash At Club Questioned

West Haven police are under fire from the NAACP after a weekend event at the Utopia Lounge ends with several people tasered.

 “I can tell you my nervous system is not the same. I can’t eat. I’m scared for my family and my children,” said LaQuita Comfort.

 The NAACP says it has received several complaints accusing the West Haven police department of using excessive force and abusive language last Friday night. Complainants also say cops used their tasers illegally.

 “We are outraged by actions of police,” said Michael Jefferson, a civil rights attorney.

 The lounge was hosting a victory party for a local boxer, when things reportedly got out of hand. The police were called in and when they arrived they found a brawl underway.

 "There was a large number of people fighting and ignoring officer’s commands to break it up,” said Ofr. Angelo Moscato, of the West Haven PD.

 Officer from surrounding departments were called in to help break things up. By the end of it, 6 people were arrested and 2 officers injured. The West Haven police chief says he reviewed Friday’s report and found the police force was justified.

 The NAACP is now calling for a moratorium on all taser use in West Haven.

 The Milford cop who crashed into a car carrying two teens in Orange was returning home from this call. The two teenagers were killed.

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