Mom Accused of Bringing 7-Year-Old to Drug Deal

West Hartford Police arrested a Hartford woman for selling drugs Wednesday. But the most surprising discovery found on the front seat of the woman's car at the time of the bust wasn't the 97 bags of heroin. It was who she had with her. Maribel Marrero of Hartford was in the middle of a drug sale when police interrupted, police said. The deal was taking place at the Shell Station on Prospect Avenue in West Hartford. Police found 97 bags of heroin and $7,000 in cash in Marrerro's car. But there was another number 7 in this equation, Marrero's 7-year-old daughter. She was in the car sitting right next to the drugs, police said. Police also arrested Noemi Castro, who was also in the car. Both Marrero and Castro have lengthy criminal records, police said. The 7-year-old is now in DCF custody. Marrero and Castro face several charges, including possession and sale of narcotics and operating a motor vehicle without a license.

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