Popular Wedding Traditions

Couples often choose to change certain wedding tradtions to fit their own tastes.

Weddings are full of traditions, but is every tradition right for every couple?

"Wedding traditions are still around, but the are being personalized," said Laura Kasowitz, of Curry Kay Events in West Hartford. "Not quite everyone is the same."

While some traditions have come and gone, others have been given a modern twist.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

“This is a tradition I see nearly every bride following,” Kasowitz said. "Many brides are personalizing this tradition”. Brides use personally significant items for each “something", according to Kasowitz. However, many people don't know the saying ends with the line “and sixpence in my shoe”. That tradition has all but disappeared from modern-day weddings. “I have never had a bride do the sixpence in my shoe,” Kasowitz said.

White Wedding Gowns

One of the oldest wedding traditions and wedding symbols, the white wedding dress, is not going anywhere soon. Many brides choose to go with the classic white look, but many will choose to personalize it, according to Kasowitz. “A lot of times, you will see brides go with a version of white cream or ivory, or sometimes they will update it with a flower or a sash”, she said. While some brides will go with a different shade or style, they typically aren’t shying away from the white color. “However, a reception dress might have more color to it." . After the ceremony, brides will tend to let go of tradition and slip into something they can celebrate in, Kasowitz said.

Throwing Rice

“Throwing something or some sort of celebration as a couple walks down the aisle is still popular." Though, rice isn’t always the item of choice. “Occasionally, you will see different variations of this, like petals or bubbles. I actually had one bride whose guests blew kazoos,” she said. Whether brides choose a handful of rice, a toss of petals, or a symphony of kazoos – the celebration of the walk down the aisle is here to stay, according to Kasowitz.

Tossing of the Bouquet

“Not every bride does this, but a lot of brides still want to do it." The catcher of the bouquet is said to be the next in line to get married, but brides with a lot of single friends may decide to share the wealth. “Some brides are considering how many single friends they have,” Kasowitz said. “I had a bride toss a bouquet of five or six bundles of posies, so when they threw it, the bouquet split apart." She says it’s a good way to take the focus off one person and have more people join in on the fun. “I also had a bride toss a bouquet to all the children in the wedding,” she said. “It definitely is another tradition that is still around and being personalized. Less common is the tossing of the garter. People are cautious about that to begin with."

Waiting to See Each Other

Traditionally, the bride and groom will first see each other in their bridal attire when they meet at the altar. However, Laura says that this is a tradition that is being given a modern twist. “A lot of couples are doing the first look. They see each other beforehand so the photographers can create a special moment for them," Kasowitz said. It is a great choice for any couple that wants to really capture that special moment on camera, according to Kasowitz.

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