“Porta La Bella” Panini Sandwich

1 jumbo portobella mushroom cap
1/3 cup julienne sun-dried tomatoes
1/3 cup carmalized Spanish onions
1/4 silved avocado (optional)
2 slices Dutch fontina cheese
1 oz. sweet vidalia vinaigrette
1 8" French baguette bread
2 tb. extra virgin olive oil

Preheat panini press/sandwich grill to 425 degrees. Wipe portobella cap with damp paper towel to remove any remaining dirt. Cut the cap down the middle into two equal halves. Brush both sides of the mushroom halves with 1 tb. of oil and place on panini press. Allow to grill for approximately 1 min, or until flesh appears tender, then remove.

Slice baguette bread lengthwise in half. Begin by spreading out julienne sun-dried tomatoes on bottom half of bread. Next, top with already grilled mushroom caps. Lay 2 slices of Dutch fontina cheese over mushrooms. Place carmalized Spanish onions on panini press (if not warm) for approximately 30 sec., then remove. Cover fontina cheese with the warm carmalized onions. Top with sliced avocado at this point if desired. Drizzle sweet vidalia vinaigrette onto sandwich evenly. Put top half of baguette on sandwich then brush with remaining oil.

Place sandwich on panini press and grill for approximately 2 min. Rotate sanwich a 1/4 of a turn and continue grilling for an additional 2 min. Removed sandwich with tongs (may be extremely hot) and let rest for 30 sec. Sandwich should have distinctive diamond pattern on top and cheese melted within. Cut sandwich in half and enjoy with a chilled salad and some seasoned bagel chips!

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