Pouf Protection for Prom

Goody Simple Styles Brunette

SNOOK IT: We're surprisingly not surprised to find out that girls are looking to channel Jersey Shore breakout star, Snooki, this prom season. Calm down moms, we're not talking about her skimpy outfits and loose morals (goodness no!), we're referring to her synonymous hair style, deemed the "pouf," which - since we'll admit it, we tried it - is easier made fun of than done. Luckily Goody stepped in making look-a-likes, prom goers, and our lives are all easier with the inclusion of the Volume Boost Comb in their Simple Styles collection this year. One swift propping at the crown of your head and you have the easiest (and most even) volume without the assistance of five cans of Aqua Net.

BUY IT: Find Goody Simple Styles' Volume Boost Comb at Walmart stores statewide for $6.49.

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