Crime Watch Established in Navy Housing

People who launched a crime watch in Navy housing in Groton last year are trying to expand it and "improve the flow of information," following reports of attempted break-ins and peeping Toms earlier this month.

Annemarie Rodriguez, a mother of two who is expecting a third, got the property management company to start improving lighting.

"Maintenance now goes around and gets the light bulb numbers that are out or dim to let the lighting company know," she said.

She's invited Town of Groton Police to give crime prevention tips at a community meeting.

For example, said Lt. John Varone, "Make sure that your doors are locked whether you're home or whether you're not.  A locked door creates a barrier between yourself and an opportunistic criminal."

A sergeant and an officer are to attend the meeting, he said.

"Whether it's our Navy housing communities, or communities elsewhere in the town," Varone said, "we always want to stress the village concept, the neighborhood concept.  Get to know your neighbors, get to know the people on your block."

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