Progmatic Ready to Rock Toad's

Local band releases its first CD and plays Toad's Place

In the old days of rock 'n roll, you had to have a following before you made an album. Now bands often need to have a CD of original songs before they even get a group of loyal fans.

New Haven-based Progmatic has both.

In February, the pop-rock band released its first full-length CD “My Clone.” 

The five-man band has been playing clubs for more than four years, opening up for national acts like Puddle of Mudd, Adema and Whitesnake, and now with a CD that was two years in the making, they're setting their eyes on bigger goals.

“We’re trying to get into bigger venues and we’re shopping the album looking for a record deal,” lead singer Jim Branigan said.

All the songs are co-written by Branigan and lead guitarist Steve Capozzi. The rest of the band is made up of bassist Craig Bshara, drummer Mel Corcino and guitarist John Mendoza.

For a first release, the CD is very radio friendly, with at least five songs that you could hear on the air now. In fact, the band does get some spins on 106.9 WCCC. 

Progmatic’s music fits in the genre of Nickelback, Three Doors Down and Creed, and has both rockers and ballads.

“We’ve always been into that kind of style,” Branigan said. “With Creed reunited and back on the map, that sound will be even more popular and help us out.”

A surefire hit on the record is the hard rock song “Why I’m Drinking.” The song showcases Capozzi’s lead guitarist skills, and Corcino’s hard drumming makes you want to pump your fist and sing along.

The other must-listen-to is the title track, “My Clone.” Branigan shows that a lead singer can do just that – sing, while telling a deep and painful story.

Branigan was hesitant to state the true inspiration for the song but did say, “the song is about two people that are the same, but one is kind of isolated and that makes the other frustrated.”

You can see Progmatic performing “My Clone” at the Red Door in Watertown here.

Progmatic’s next gig is Saturday, May 23 at Toad’s Place in New Haven.  The band will open up for the popular U2 tribute band, Unforgettable Fire.

“Toad’s is a good place to play because of the area and the exposure you get,” Branigan said.  “And it's always cool to play places that are legendary.”

To promote the show, Progmatic is even giving out free tickets to the Toad’s Place show.  Just go to their website and print out an unlimited number of tickets to get into the concert.  The music begins at 8 p.m.

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