Psst. Hot New Restaurant. Cool 20 Percent Off.

New Haven Foodies have something new to drool over. And for a limited time, at a discount!

Chef Denise Appel of ZINC fame, is opening Kitchen ZINC (get it? like the kitchen sink!) which is described simply as “Artisan Pizza + Bar”.  She's been blogging about the experience, here.

We got a sneak peek at the menu, and the simple tag line seems to be pretty accurate – there’s one long page of pizzas and one long page of booze.  Among the more tantalizing are the Gravlax (a white pie with salmon, lemon mascarpone, capers topped with an arugula salad) and the BLT (with bacon, frisee, blue cheese and roasted tomatoes). 

This being New Haven, the home of pizza, you can customize your own.

The space, just behind the existing ZINC, which is still one of the most creative culinary experiences in the city, had hosted CHOW for a few years.  It’s been redone with a brand new bar inside, with local brews on tap.

Kitchen ZINC opened for a soft launch over the weekend, and – here’s the best part – they want to make sure they get all the kinks out this week.  And since getting customers in to try out the food is doing them a favor, they’re taking 20 percent off everyone’s bill!  It’s like we’re working for them!

We’re also told they’ll be tweeting specials and things.  If dining of the future is this good, with nice discounts like this, we can’t wait.

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