Putting the Smackdown on Education

Linda McMahon puts the state Board of Education on notice

She's used to sweaty men in tight shorts throwing themselves at each other. So why is Linda McMahon, CEO of Stamford-based World Wrestling Entertainment, hoping to jump into the ring of statewide education?

Gov. M. Jodi Rell's office nominated her to the state Board of Education in late December and made the announcement last weekend.  McMahon's confirmation match (err, hearing) is scheduled for early February.

McMahon, 60, has played a large role in increasing the presence of the WWE in our collective pop culture, even appearing on-air in the wrestling programs.

She lives in Greenwich with her husband, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. Linda McMahon has reportedly had a longtime interest in not just rasslin', but education.

In a statement to the Hartford Courant, she said she looks forward "to offering my perspectives to the board.  I intend to be an inquisitive and active member."

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