Rachel Zoe: Stylist to the Average TV Viewer

Plaza Too's Summer Splurge and a Cuban Wrap to Go

ZOE-MANIA: Rachel Zoe's QVC accessory collection is getting a lot of buzz lately, with the premiere of her second season of the Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo yesterday. She's trying to keep the project very hush-hush, promising a peak at Fashion Week but no further purchasing options until October. We're predicting over-sized boyfriend time pieces, suede Halston-esque clutches, and round John Lennon specs. Goes best with vintage fur and hissy fits. 

HAVANA HEAT: We are no strangers to the inevitable changing seasons but the first signs of winter chill still leaves us longing for those sweltering hot summer months. Ear-numbing freeze may cause mild hallucinations of beaches and bikinis, but we'll take our chances with the mind-altering cold with Sleeping on Snow's Havana Sweater Coat. No, you are not imagining things -- the sketched out street scene is real and those people aren't bundled in fleece and down. A glimmer of hope, can be found in a double breasted creme and burgundy wool sweater coat. Find it at Anthropologie in South Windsor.

SUMMER SALE: Plaza Too - in Greenwich, New Canaan, and Westport - is finishing off their summer sale, offering an additional 10 percent off their marked-down prices for the next two weeks. Plenty of Chloe sandals at 75 percent off that are ready to be paired with opaque tights this fall, Rebecca Minkoff and Marc Jacobs in delish pinks and off-whites, and Barbie cameo pendants from Tarina Tarantino. We recommend you run - not walk - to this sale and upload your yummy finds to "So Connecticut".  Duh.

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