Rell, Governors, Meet with Obama

Gov. M. Jodi Rell is back in Connecticut after meeting with the soon to be most-powerful man in the nation. Rell and other governors from throughout the country met with President-elect Barack Obama in Philadelphia Tuesday. 

The meeting with the incoming leader included a discussion on an economic stimulus plan to jump start the economy and ensure long-term economic health.

The meeting was an opportunity for governors to share their challenges and ideas with Obama and discuss what the federal government can do to help, Rell said. 

In Connecticut, she said, the goal is to identify infrastructure projects that can begin almost immediately, including roads, bridges, public buildings and housing initiatives. 

She also called on the federal government to fund 100 percent of the dollars going for infrastructure. She also urged that the federal medical assistance percentage be increase from 50 to 55 percent.  This, she said, would mean an additional $125 million to maintain state health programs.

Obama said he wants to work closely with the governors of both parties and he wants their ideas. What is working in some states could be used on the national level, he told the governors.

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